I remember the first time I wanted to head off and explore the world. I was 12 and I saw a photo of a Danish forest in a large hardback at the local library. The treeline was black along the bottom where the trunks must have been, it was so dark. The higher up the trees I looked, the lighter it got, until an inch or so of golden sky capped it off. I began to wander if this mysterious forest might hide things I hadn't seen or heard about before, thrilling hidden treasures that I could uncover. As a passing coincidence on that day, I'd just loaned out The Hobbit for the fourth time too. 


Since those early days, I've lived out most travel cliches, experienced wildly different cultures and seen enough to keep the fire going. I created this blog to begin sharing all the cool stuff I was seeing, and all the cool stuff other people were seeing too. I read so many awesome travel blogs when I travel, I wanted to create a place to share their stories, alongside my own takes. So, as well as my own material, you'll also see many posts pointing you in the direction of other blog posts that I believe deserve a share. I have always enjoyed the writing, photography and personal touch that blogs bring, not to mention the real-time nature of the posts. So, I decided to build my blog with those blocks, sharing the best content from top travel bloggers, with my own thoughts thrown in. 


I've built the site around tags, so each post has a number of them attached which collect posts together into the most common searches and destinations. Searching for anything specific you might be looking for, say street food in Indonesia, will supply latest posts will show up magically, as if Gandalf had conjured the list himself. Since the site is new and content is being added all the time, I might not have covered some places or themes yet, so please let me know if I'm missing something you'd like!


Following extensive travels in Europe, Asia, North America and Africa, I've had the pleasure of writing for a number of awesome blogs and aim to guest posting for my favourites. Please use my contact form below for any work or press enquiries.